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Ningbo Desihom Hydraulic Technology Co.,LTD


About us

NingBo DeSiHom hydraulic Technology Co.,LTD,which is the manufacturer professional engaged in design,research and manufacture of hydraulic boosters. Our research launched in 2008, on the basis of fully absorbing international and domestic advanced booster technology, DeSiHom has implemented many innovations on the hydraulic booster and high pressure system, which prolongs the service life and at the same time, make them can be applied to varies of pressure rating, reduces the costs dramatically, to serve the market more comprehensively.  DeSiHom’s product primarily in the area of boost, Now we manufacture a variety of models of integrated hydraulic boosters,automation pressure cylinders. Now our products are widely used in engineering machinery, ship building, wind power, new energy, aerospace, petroleum machinery,hydraulic tools, as well as injection molding, forging industry and other equipment. Around hydraulic booster, our company offer professional solutions to ultrahigh pressure for different industries, and design and manufacture special hydraulic system accordingly.

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